Smoking is harmful to our body

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Por spencerhastin hace 349 días

The world no tobacco day in on 31st, May. In the June of this year, marlboro cigarettes tobacco control regulations is known as the history Marlboro Gold Cigarettes of the most stringent tobacco control regulations will be implemented. Smoking will be forbidden in wide public places and workplaces indoor environment and public transport smoking in Beijing; Outdoor smoking newport cigarettes is also limited, for example, line smoking a Marlboro red cigarette is forbidden. Offenders will be sentenced to heavy fines. Such a strict ban on smoking, do you support or oppose it? Smoking is generally believed to have a great harm to the respiratory tract, lungs, cardiovascular, etc. In fact, it also has a great harm to the our lives. If you do not control the amount of smoking, then when time go by, it will be to promote the development of chronic liver disease, and even lead to liver cancer. Actually, the reasons why smoking is harmful to our health, A Marlboro red cigarette contains more than 1000 kinds of bodily harm substance, we are most familiar with is carbon monoxide and nicotine. However, there is alcohols, phenols, alkanes, alkenes and carbonyl compounds and heavy metals on the body, which seriously harm to the material. So when we smoke, in addition to smoke inhalation of lungs, there is a part of the digestive system will be entered, then through the blood circulation to the body. So why do you say smoke will hurt the liver? Nicotine in cigarettes is needed through the lungs and metabolism of the liver, if a large number of smoking, then they need to increase the burden of liver detoxification. And nicotine can cause people's excitement, which will make the blood vessels shrink meanwhile it can increase the blood viscosity. This will reduce the blood supply to the liver, resulting in loss of nutrients in the liver. Another point is that because of carbon monoxide through the lungs into the blood, will be combined with the red blood cells, this will cause the liver hypoxia, is not conducive to the repair and regeneration of liver cells. To sum up, smoking is very seriously harmful to cigarettes online the liver, then why not use the total ban on smoking to quit it? This can avoid some unnecessary damage to the liver, due to smoking cessation is a permanent solution, so in quitting while taking some sunflower protects liver piece, it Bupleurum chinense, Artemisia capillaris in hepatobiliary, with soothing the liver, clearing heat and removing dampness. At the same time, it can also promote the liver detoxification capacity, help to the discharge of toxins after smoking, the body is a lot of benefits. Keep away form Marlboro red cigarettes.