Research found bellies and heavy smoking related

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Research found bellies and heavy smoking related The scientists Marlboro Gold Cigarettes said that although smokers may be able to better control their overall weight, but a large number of tobacco use causes the accumulation of fat in the marlboro cigarettes middle, causing the beer belly.Buy cigarettes online in our cheap online cigarettes wholesale store. The researchers examined 29 studies, study participants 148,731 cases involving data European descent, they are included in smokers, former smokers and never smokers. Data newport cigarettes detailing the participants' smoking habits, as well as their weight and waistline.Our Online Cigarettes Store offers Marlboro and Newport cigarettes wholesale service. According to the analysis published in the "BMJ Open", the study showed that although the overall BMI heavy smokers is low, but their waist circumference higher than non-smokers. Professor Naveed Sattar of Glasgow University, is leading the study, he explained, although smoking to reduce the overall weight, but it seems to be focused on promoting fat to the abdomen.Cheap Online Cigarettes Wholesale Store. Is generally believed that "apple-shaped" body healthy degree lower than "pear-shaped" body. Apple has the stature of the person at the waist and abdominal region gained more weight. The pear-shaped body in the hips and thighs have more weight. "So if smokers gain weight, their belly grew bigger than the same weight of non-smokers, which is also associated with a higher risk cigarettes online of diabetes-related." Sattar said in a press release. "If you can get confirmed smokers 'apple-shaped' body tendencies, may provide a new impetus to encourage smoking cessation." He said.