A Long History of Gunung Leuser National Park

Gunung Leuser National Park- In the 1920s the Dutch colonial government gave permission to a Dutch geologist named FC Van Heurn to examine and explore oil and mineral resources are estimated to numerous in Aceh. After conducting the study, Van Heurn stating that the area under study found no major mineral deposits and stated that local indigenous leaders want them to care about the rows of heavily forested mountains in Gunung Leuser.

Instead, Van Heurn discuss the results of the meeting and offered to representatives of traditional leaders (the Datuk and Oeloebalang) to urge the Dutch colonial government to provide the status of protected areas (Wildlife Sanctuary). After discussions with the Commission on the Dutch for the Protection of Nature, in August 1928 a proposal submitted to pemeintah Dutch Colonial proposed Nature Reserve in West Aceh area of 928 000 ha and provide protection status to the region that stretches from Singkil (on the upper reaches of the Simpang Kiri) in the south , along the Bukit Barisan, toward the valley of the River Rawa Tripa and Meulaboh Beach, in the north.

The proposal was finally realized with the February 6, 1934 with the holding of the meeting in Tapaktuan, which was attended by representatives of traditional leaders and the Dutch colonial government. The meeting resulted in the "Declaration Tapaktuan", which was signed by representatives of traditional leaders and representatives Governor of the Dutch East Indies in Aceh at the time (Gouverneur van Atjeh en Onderhoorigheden, Vaardezen). The declaration shall take effect starting on January 1, 1934 ((Deze Regeling treedt in werking meth ingang January 1, 1934). The Declaration reflects the determination of the people of Aceh to conserve the region Leuser for good as well as arranged on criminal sanction (both PADANA prison and pidanya fines).

In one paragraph the Declaration Tapaktuan stated as follows: "We Oeloebalang of landschap Gajo Loeos, Poelau Nas, Meuke ', Labuhan Haji, Manggeng, Lho' Pawoh Noord, Blang Pidie, and Bestuurcommissie of landschap Bambel, Onderafdeeling Gajo and Alas. Considering that essential holding of Peratoeran which conceal all objects and all the fields were exiled boeat inventory. 

In 1934, based ZB No. 317/35 dated July 3, 1934 Nature Reserve Gunung Leuser formed (Wildreservaat Goenoeng Leoser) with an area of 142 800 ha. The next row in 1936, based ZB No. 122 / AGR, dated October 26, 1936 established wildlife sanctuary Kluet of 20,000 ha which is the liaison Nature Reserve Gunung Leuser the West Coast. In 1938 formed langkat West Nature Reserve, South langkat Nature Reserve and Nature Reserves Sekundur.

In the aftermath of independence of the Republic of Indonesia, in 1976, by the Decree of the Minister of Agriculture No. 69 / Kpts / Um / 12/1976, dated December 10 1976 on Appointment of Forest Area Kappi of 150,000 ha located in Aceh Tenggara, Aceh Special Region Wildlife Kappi. The decision was followed by the Establishment Employment Agencies Sub Gunung Leuser Nature Preservation Hall in 1979.

In Juridical Formal existence of Gunung Leuser National Park for the first time stated in the announcement of the Minister of Agriculture No. 811 / Kpts / um / II / 1980 dated March 6, 1980 on the inauguration of five (5) National Park in Indonesia, namely; Gunung Leuser National Park, TN. Ujung Kulon, TN. Gede Pangrango, TN. Glaze, and TN. Komodo.

Based on the announcement of the Minister of Agriculture, designated area TN. Gunung Leuser is 792 675 ha. The announcement of the Minister of Agriculture followed up by letter of the Directorate General of Forestry Number: 719 / Dj / VII / 1/80, dated March 7, 1980, addressed to the Sub KPA Hall Gunung Leuser. In the letter mentioned that exerts TN status management authority. Gunung Leuser the KPA Hall Sub Gunung Leuser. Based on the Decree of the Minister of Agriculture No. 166 / Kpts / Um / 3/1982, dated March 3, 1982 on the Amendment Status partly Wildlife Kappi an area of 7,200 ha and Appointment most forest Serbolangit 2,000 ha located in Southeast Aceh Special Province of Aceh as Forest Tourism Lawe Gurah. sumatra tours

To provide legal certainty for managers TNGL in 1982 has issued two (2) of the Regulation, namely: Agriculture Ministerial Decree No. 923 / Kpts / UM / 12/1982 on an area of TN. Gunung Leuser in North Sumatra province is 213 985 ha which is a combination of South and West langkat SM, SM Sekundur, and Tourism Park Sekundur. And the Decree of the Minister of Agriculture No. 924 / Kpts / um / 12/1982 about Regional Area TN. Gunung Leuser National Park region in the province of Aceh area of 586.500 hectares, which is a combination of SM Gunung Leuser, Kluet SM, SM Kappi and Tourism Park Gurah Lawe, sumatra travel

Based on the decision of the Director General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation No. 46 / Kpts / VI-Sek / 84 on the appointment of the Work Area of the National Park, dated December 11, 1984, stated that the Work Area TNGL is: Wildlife (BC) Gunung Leuser, SM Langkat West SM South Langkat, SM Sekundur, Kappi SM, SM Kluet, Lawe Gurah Travel Park, Park of Sekundur, Serbolangit Protection Forest and Forest Protection and Limited Production Forest Sembabala. In 1984 it has also been determined TN Technical Implementation Unit business. Gunung Leuser with offices in Kutacane Center, Southeast Aceh, Aceh.

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Since May 12, 1984, with the issuance of Minister of Forestry Decree No. 096 / Kpts-II / 1984 establishes a unit TNGL Director General of PHPA the level equated with the echelon III. Unit is headed by a Head of Unit-TN accountable to the Director General of PHPA and oversees Sub Division TU and two (2) sections: Section of preparation and Section Utilization Program, equipped with Conservation Functional Power Group. It turns out the provisions of the organizational structure is still difficult to apply in managing the region TNGL because the work area is relatively very broad TN.

As a legal basis in the series of processes penngukuhan forest areas has issued Ministerial Decree number: 276 / Kpts-II / 1997 concerning the appointment of TN. Gunung Leuser area of 1,094,692 hectares located in the area of the Province of Aceh and North Sumatra. In the decision stated that TN. Gunung Leuser consists of a combination of: Wildlife Gunung Leuser (416 500 hectares), Wildlife Kluet (20,000 hectares), Wildlife langkat West (51,000 hectares), Wildlife langkat South (82 985 hectares), Wildlife Sekundur (60,600 hectares), Asylum Wildlife Kappi (142 800 hectares), Taman Wisata Gurah (9,200 hectares), Protected Forest and Limited Production Forest (292 707 hectares).

In further developments, on June 10, 2002, by Ministerial Decree No. 6186 / Kpts-II / 2002, on the Organization and Work Procedure of the National Park, Head of Unit-TN (Central TN) oversees Head of Section TU and the head of the Territory, as well as Functional Group. Today the region is divided into 4 sections TNGL territory and national park following the organizational structure of type A, which is in Southeast Aceh, South Aceh, Langkat Sikundur and South Langkat. Southeast Aceh special territory with grounded by tribal characteristics, are further divided into two regions, namely the coordination of Gayo Lues in Blangkejeren region and the Valley Foundation in Kutacane, gunung leuser national park.

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