5 Tricks for Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go is the new Niantic game to play on Android and iOS devices. Pokémon Go introduces a major innovation in the world of video games for smartphones. The game is based on augmented reality. Through this technology, the game and the outside world become one. It therefore creates a combination that has brought millions of app downloads since the first day. The large and rapid spread of the game quickly led to the birth of Pokemon Go hack tips and tricks in a very short time.

Augmented reality makes a connection between the game scenario and the outside world.The Pokémon are you in the game, but in real locations. Pokémon Go uses the smartphone's GPS to locate the player. Through a game scenario based on real roads and locations, the player can move to search for Pokémon. The Pokémon research is in fact the main game activities. They can be found anywhere in the world. Moving along the streets of their cities may happen that the smartphone is put to vibrate. And 'the signal of the presence of a Pokémon nearby 

Once you find a Pokémon nearby, just get close to him, to frame it and click on it.Pokémon Go activates the smartphone's camera, and we'll have to hit him with the Poké Ball to make it our own. 


The huge success of the game brought in a short time to the birth of Pokémon Go for tricks. The desire to catch Pokémon is so much and who plays it knows what I'm talking about.

Every time you walk in the street and the phone vibrates, you want to capture the Pokémon. Not doing so would be a wasted opportunity! But once caught, often you want to see if there are others. More Pokémon capture and more we would like to capture. The result is that you often see more and more boys and girls on the street with his eyes fixed on the smartphone.

It is not difficult to travel hundreds of meters to look for a Pokémon and this can be a bit 'strange to those unfamiliar with the game. A sincere recommendation is to be careful where you go. And do not use the game while driving, please!

See below 10 tricks for Pokémon Go, even if it comes to practical tips for a good start.


Well begun is half done. So says a famous proverb, very appropriate in this case. Look for Pokémon Go tricks no use if you did not begin the game on the right foot. We should be careful in the early stages of the game.

Once you've chosen one of the starter between Bulbasaur and Charmander or Squirtle you start playing. Our character will appear in the game map. On the map there are also many other strange symbols. Let's see what this is:


    They are the blue icons that are often found in close proximity to landmarks.Sculptures, famous buildings and landmarks in reality become Pokéstops within the game. Closer to PokéStops helps collect prizes like Poké Ball. The Poké Ball then used to catch Pokémon. The Pokéstops also allow you to get Pokémon eggs. From level 5 onwards, in these places you can also acquire potions and revitalizing. These are fundamental to heal your Pokémon after a combattimento.Per use Pokéstop just get close and activate. Once enabled, you must tap the blue icon. With this step we will receive in premiums that we collect.


    Pokemon Go hack tips and tricks there always informs the types of Pokémon that there are in the surrounding area. There is a list below to the right. Looking at it we can see what are the Pokémon in the area. The Color Pokémon are the ones we've already captured.Those tinted in gray are still to be captured. The footprints in the Pokémon figures indicate the distance between us and them. More impressions equals more distance.When we approach the Pokémon, the footprints fell from three to zero. At that moment in Pokémon will appear on the map.


    When you catch a Pokémon you can then transfer it to the professor Willow. This gives us the right to a Pokémon candy. The Pokémon candy allow you to evolve your Pokémon! But each family of Pokémon has its own candy. If we take a Squirtle Professor Willow, he will give us a piece of candy for Squirtle family that we can use only to evolve another Squirtle in our possession.

    Among the tricks to more mundane Go Pokemon will be to select the worst Pokémon.In fact, if we have duplication of Pokémon, you may want to choose the weaker one.This is established by looking at the statistics of each Pokémon.


Look for Pokémon is the basis of the game. The first step is to study the world around. In particular it is good to study the wild herbs in the gaming landscape. Also it is always good to have in mind the neighbors Pokémon. Bottom right we have a list of Pokémon in the surroundings and their distance. Three footprints indicate a distance from the more Pokémon than a footprint.

The Pokémon list is sorted by distance. If the icon of a Pokémon in the list, as we move, moves to the first place, it means that we are getting closer.

It must also consider that the Pokémon appearing in the list are always hidden nearby. No matter use special for Pokemon Go hack tips and tricks to find them. If we seek one in particular just moving into the landscape and see if we're getting close to him or not.

A useful tool to find Pokémon is the aroma. Activating the aroma all Pokémon will approach us. The drawback is that it only lasts 30 minutes.


On this point it is helpful to read the article by clicking here. Once you find the Pokémon you must tap it to start capturing. Then we can see framing it with the camera. The capture of the Pokémon occurs hitting him with the Poké Balls. No tools are needed for Go Pokémon tricks to hit him. Just get practice and perfect timing.

The factors that most influence captures are 5:

  1. The color of the circle that appears around the Pokémon expresses the difficulty of catching. If the circle is green the capture is easy and if it is yellow, orange or red is more difficult.
  2. The struggle points (PL) of Pokémon
  3. Our level within the game
  4. The type of Pokeball used
  5. The ability to use other elements to make capture easier.


As with Pokémon, even their eggs are going around. Often the eggs are obtained with Pokéstops.

Once you have an egg, you need it to hatch. It is not trivial! All players have an incubator that allows you to hatch the egg. But the egg is hatched as a function of the displacements. Therefore you need to move around in the real world, taking the necessary steps to egg hatching.

This particular juncture Pokémon Go encourages players to walk in the real world, in order to gain advantage in the world of Pokémon Go. From one point of view is a good way to do outdoor physical activities 

Still got an egg, we clicking sopralo put in an incubator. It will tell us how many Km are used to hatch it. Later, as we walk, the egg will be hatched up to hatch.

In this specific case, rather than the tricks for Pokemon Go, a good trick is to activate the energy saving mode of the phone and turn off the screen. Otherwise the battery may quickly. 


In Pokemon Go hack tips and tricks, you do not need to train the Pokémon fight. Pokémon can grow by just eating candy level, that is evolving, or stardust. Raise them to increase their level dignifica PL, ie the Fight Points. Each Pokémon needs a different amount of stardust and candy.

Among the stardust and candy but there is a difference. The stardust can in fact be used on any Pokémon. The candies instead are specific to the family. Professor Willow will give us a piece of candy for the same family of Pokémon that we give. Therefore we potemo use the candy only on Pokémon belonging to that family. There are tricks to Go Pokémonthat allow us to overcome this characteristic of candy.

A further point to consider is the rarity of the Pokémon. Will be the rarest Pokémon, the more candy and dust of stars necessary.

To evolve a Pokémon means to feed him candy necessary to its evolution. More than one of the tricks for Pokemon Go, the following statement appears paradoxical, but to evolve a Pokémon must donate to Professor Wollow, members of the Pokémon family that we want to evolve.

Whenever we find a duplicate Pokémon then, she goes captured and brought to the professor. As we find that we can select one to evolve. Work on him looking members of his family. In this way we will receive the candy for him.


  • Catching new Pokémon: 100 PS and C
  • Hatching eggs: the egg depends on rarity
  • Pokemon to Professor Willow: amount of random C
  • Gym 


The game features are influenced by the coach level. To meet rare Pokémon must have a high level coach. Plus, with a high level coach, we can grow the Pokémon .

To gain experience points coach must take the following actions in de game. The list below lists the XP points that you acquire when you meet a Pokémon. These scores are also valid in the case of duplication.

  • Catching pochemon: 100XP
  • Evolve a Pokémon: 500XP
  • Pokémon hatching egg: 200XP
  • Visit a Pokéstop: 50XP
  • Train in a gym of his team: different values of XP
  • Train in an opposing gym: different values of XP

The share values listed above change and are added as follows when you have a Pokémon that we had not previously:

  • Capturing a new Pokémon: 500XP
  • Hatching a new Pokémon egg: 500XP

In addition it should be added that if we capture a new Pokémon with a throw of Poké Ball excellent or very good, we have more 100XP or 50XP respectively.

This means that, even without the aid of special tricks for Pokémon Go, we can get up to 600XP from the capture of a new Pokémon.

Another way to gain experience points out in the gym. More Pokémon is defeated and more experience is gained.